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Salzburgerland Card

If you enjoy being active during your holidays and would like to make the most of your time in Salzburg Province, the SalzburgerLand Card is the programme for you. From a ride on one of the province’s many chair lifts or gondolas to a dip in a mountain lake, from a museum visit to a round of mini-golf the SalzburgerLand Card gives you access to over 190 regional attractions at one low fixed price.




One of the most beautiful and longest gorges in the alps

Delight in the powerful rush of the waterfall, the lush, green, moss-covered stones, the mythical environment and the beautiful show of colours as the sun’s rays reflect off the mist of the falls.

Liechtenstein Gorge is not only one of the most beautiful, it is also one of the longest and deepest accessible wild water ravines in the Alps. This magnificent natural phenomenon is well worth a visit.



unique and gigantic. Visiting the Eisriesenwelt is an adventure for the whole family!


Salt Words Hallein

Salt used to be described as “White Gold” and it is true that the deposits created millions of years ago in the Dürrnberg, near Hallein have provided the region with its treasure chamber.

More than 2500 years ago, the Celts were already mining this precious mountain resource, as is evident from the traces they left behind.



The Therme Amadé Spa is located on 30,000 square metres of lanscaped serenity, surrounded by the outstanding alpine countryside of Altenmarkt. It offers an extensive range of sauna and water experiences.



The Fascination of Hiking

Walking – on a pleasant outing with the family or on a guided hike with your holiday hosts – is an experience that brings people together, relaxes the spirit and strengthens the body. Follow extreme mountain climbers, sheep herders and mountain goats to their homes on high where the air is clear and the water serene.

The exciting hiking and walking routes in the alpine countryside surrounding Sankt Johann-Alpendorf are suitable for all abilities, from the seasoned adventurer to families with small children. And children will love the freedom to play in the outdoors and explore unusual sites off the beaten trac.



Active Holidays with exercise in nature.

Movement in the mountains is now one of the most popular and healthiest summer sports in the Alps. The power concept stands in the background. Much more important are the experience in nature and the effect of motion on the body, mind and soul. In St. Johann-Pongau there along the Salzach a fitness park with a total of 7 running trails and Nordic walking trails. The starting point is on the one hand, the power plant Plankenau with the fitness course for strengthening and stretching exercises, on the other hand, the vocational school. At the entry points panorama boards are set up with height diagram, length, difficulty and type of route.



Stage oft the World.

It is the playful lightness that makes Salzburg, the miniature metropolis, so distinctive. The enchanting silhouette of the Fortress, Cathedral and church steeples in this baroque city north of the Alps. So beautiful that it is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. So famous that its attractions are among the most famous in the world.


Gold washed in ANGERTAL

Experience the exciting feeling to find gold yourself. Wash with a special pan, the high quality Tauerngold from the sand. An experienced Goldwaschprofi introduces them to the world of sought-after precious metal. You will also be guaranteed to find gold.



The alpine aquatic worlds of Alpentherme Gastein ensure your every wish comes true. Guests in search of peace and quiet, as well as those hungry for wonderful experiences, all find precisely what they are looking for at this modern spa resort in Salzburger Land.



Along the Tauern Bicycle Path.

Cycling has become one of the most popular recreational activities for holiday makers.

When the warm spring sun appears over the horizon, it’s time to hit the saddle and head for your favourite hotspot. Sankt Johann is conveniently located along the 300km long Tauern Cycle Path, one of Austria’s most beautiful cycling trails, leading from Krimmel through Sankt Johann and Salzburg to Passau, Germany. And also theAlpe-Adria-Bike-Tour leads through Sankt Johann-Alpendorf.

For more adventurous bikers, Sankt Johann offers a number of challenging mountain bike routes as well. Please come to the tourist office for more information and a guide (€ 9.50) with 20 of the best mountain bike routes in the Salzburger Sportwelt. Guided mountain bike tours are also offered by the Aktive Alpendorf Club and some hotels.



Medieval fortress and historical falconry centre.

Visitors experience a high-altitude encounter with the past at Hohenwerfen Fortress, a castle dating back over 900 years. This tall, jutting rock, high above the Salzachtal valley floor, offers a gusty view of the surrounding mountains. The feathered hunters of the province’s falconry centre, the dashing weaponry, the museums and the dark corners all encourage visitors to investigate the mighty walls of the castle from within.

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There are more than 35 exhibitions, presenting fascinating, interesting and curious facts about nature. Children will be intrigued by the sheer number of life strategies developed by the multitude of animals and plants on display.


Hunting archarbow BAD GASTEIN

The hunting archar courses Bad Gastein was opened in the summer of 2010.

The path leads via an idyllically landscaped forest path. It is important to meet 16 Satisfied 3D animals with arrow and bow! Who screens the highest number of points?


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